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There is something for everyone at Janssen Stables.  Lessons are focused on Western Pleasure, Trail Horses, and English Riding.  Our riders range in age from 8 to over 65 years of age.  You can ride one of our horses or haul in your own horse!

We do not offer group trail rides or one time rides.  

Our lesson program focuses on the whole horse.  Our lessons include learning to handle horses on the ground, tack them up, ride and properly put horses away.  We have a selection of lesson horses to fit the needs and skills of most riders.  We start all riders in private lessons.  If they wish to join a group we will let you know when we feel you are ready to join a group.  It usually takes between 2 and 5 private lessons to be competent to join a group lesson.

We offer group and private lessons.  They can be paid for by the lesson or by the month for a discounted rate.  
Group lessons if paid by the lesson are $45 per session or $150 per month for a weekly lesson.   
Private lessons are $65 if paid by the lesson and $200 if paid by the month for a weekly lesson.
Group lessons (2 to 5 riders)   Group lessons are between 60 and 90min at the discretion of the instructor.   
Private Lessons 

Cancellation Policy: Lessons must be cancelled 24hours in advance to avoid being charged for holding your space. Lessons are cancelled if the temperature is below 20 degrees with no penalty.  

Rescheduling: If you give a weeks notice, we'll try to work you into another group.  Otherwise we will see you the following week at your regular time.

Please note:  We ask that you wear hard soled shoes with a heel and long pants or jeans.  Helmets are suggested for all riders and required for all riders under 18 years old.

Please call or email us for more information.  

We'd love to share our passion and enthusiasm for Horse riding with you!
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