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Show Team

Dry lot Boarding
Kept in an 8 acre area.  They have access to fresh water at all times.  There is a shelter.  We keep brome hay out for them to eat.

$300/month (Space is limited)
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Stall Board
Full care boarding includes quality brome hay, 12% Nutrena feed, daily stall cleaning, TURNOUT IS INCLUDED.

Horse Training 
Training for show horses, problem horses, or just extra time with a professional.  Includes stall board and a weekly group lesson.  The annual rate is for horses that remain in training all year.

$1000/month annual rate.         $1300/ month short term 
Group lessons with set weekly times are offered for children and adults (2 to 5 riders).  Group lessons are 75 minutes.  Horses in training will receive 1 group lesson per week.

Short term training
This rate is for horses that do not remain in training all year.  This includes a stall, customized training and a weekly lesson.

$1300 per month