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The Barn

Janssen Stables LLC manages a quality 20 stall barn.  Our horses get a lot of attention due to the Barn's open style.  The indoor arena is equipped for all-weather riding and training.  There is also a 200x300' outdoor arena, along with smaller obstacle course arena. There is also a lighted round pen.  The amenities at the barn include tack lockers, round pens, and a hot water wash rack.  

The owner lives on-site and is involved with the daily care of each horse and their specific needs.  Janssen Stables has over 20 years of experience in Horse care.  
Stall Boarding

Janssen Stables offers full care boarding.  Stall board includes turnout in large grass pens or in a dry lot daily (depending on weather conditions).  
Fees: Stall Board $700/month
Training is offered at an annual price or on a short term basis. 

Annual rate: $1,100 per month including stall. 

Short-term or less than 12 months is $1,500 per month. 

Training includes one group lesson per week and professional riding, care and oversight of the horse's needs.


We often have young horses for sale here.  

If we help you find your. new horse we charge a 10% finders fee.